Cyber Security in Digital Transformation, BMW moves to AWS, the Smart City Expo and More

Hello and Happy Thursday!

This week's newsletter features a cross-section of interesting articles and developments in the world of tech and digital transformation, including:

  • Why cyber-security should be fundamental to your DX strategy
  • The importance of back-office enhancements before major digital investments are made
  • How Microsoft is boosting its Big Data credibility
  • How BMW plans to move data from 20 million connected cars to the cloud
  • Canada's big and transformative investment in wireless infrastructure

We've also highlighted a digital attendee option for an upcoming event focused on designing Smart Cities around the globe.

Plus, a podcast that explores how your company can become "Disruption Proof" by becoming "RAD" through innovation and automation.

And, finally, how CIOs can build teams and use data to save the world.


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